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Re: Tyrannosaur age-population distributions

On Mon, 17 Jul 2006 19:49:38 -0400 Graydon <oak@uniserve.com> writes:

> > Regarding the concept of wolf-like or lion pride-like family units 
> in
> > tyrannosaurs: We don't even know if tyrannosaur babies were 
> altricial or
> > precocial.

> Sure; this is part of what I was originally trying to get at, that 
> there
> isn't any obvious kin-selection mechanism to support pack formation 
> of
> any kind in T. rex if the breeding adults died before their 
> offspring
> reached a juvenile stage of development.

OOOHH.  Now I understand your point.  Yes, I agree.  It puts a few flies
in the ointment.  Sorry for not keeping up with you in this thread.  ;-)

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