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Re: EQ (was RE: Tyrannosaur age-population distributions)

<<So, if you can provide another criterion that would be better used as a
gauge to support or refute Graydon's claim that tyrannosaurs were smarter
than chickens, I'm all ears.>>

Sadly, I can't improve upon: "E.Q., with all of its caveats and limitations"
(Bigelow 2006).  With rats and mice, you can provide entertainment by
letting them scamper around in mazes.  (If I remember correctly, rats are
generally awarded an E.Q. of around 0.4 and mice 0.5, but the difference
doesn't seem to make any particular difference.)  I doubt that sort of thing
would appeal much to a chicken.  Even worse, it appears totally impractical
with regard to Upper Cretaceous multituberculates and, by extrapulation,
tyrannosaurids.  This is a pity.