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Re: EQ (was RE: Tyrannosaur age-population distributions)

Could a more complex folded cortex

The complexity of the foldings is directly proportional to brain and body size.

(assuming dinosaurs HAD much
of a cortex - even the brainiest of birds have much smaller cortices
than mammals of equivalent EQ)?

Allegedly birds prefer to use the corpus striatum instead of the cortex. Bluntly put, that would mean that mammals think with the nose and birds think with the eyes...

Or would the size and number of blood
vessels entering the brain case be a better indicator of brain
complexity (I'm assuming more complex brains need more nurishment).

That's probably correlated to size...

While I'm asking questions; would there be an upper size limit for
brain volume for terrestrial animals, above which there is little
improvement in function?

Does brain size have anything to do with function?

That's a perfectly good and unanswered question.