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Re: Prehistoric Park

See also:
http://prehistoricpark.itv.com/ - description of the  series
http://prehistoricpark.itv.com/episode1.htm - short clips from the  program
http://prehistoricpark.itv.com/timeline.htm - lists the  animals featured in 
each episode
It doesn't say who consulted on the series, but Triceratops is referred to  
as the cattle of the Cretaceous (which makes hadrosaurs  what?).


In a message dated 7/23/2006 9:35:29  A.M. Eastern Standard Time, 
john.bass@ntlworld.com writes:
Hi All,

The  first episode of the latest Impossible Pictures production Prehistoric
Park  aired in the UK last night.

The intrepid time travellers got 1  Triceratops, brother and sister baby T
rex and a flock of bright blue  Ornithomimus.  Not sure how they think they
will populate a park from  single specimens or siblings but hey, it's only

Interesting take  on T rex flocks or whatever, mixed age groups but going off
on own to have  babies.  Fight between T rex over food resulted in death of
one, despite  it having hold of the others neck twice.  This does no seem
remotely  possible to me, a bit like the T rex vs Spinosaurus in JP3 where
the rex got  hold of spiney's neck.  Given that T rex had the greatest bite
force  ever, I should think that a bite to the neck of anything, even another
rex,  would be fatal.

All the evidence for T rex combat points to face biting,  probably because
that's the only place where they could bite each other  without fatal
consequences.  The only other thing they could do was bite  each others arms
off - which might explain why so few have been  found.