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Re: Prehistoric Park

> On 7/23/06, MKIRKALDY@aol.com <MKIRKALDY@aol.com> wrote:
> >
> > It doesn't say who consulted on the series, but Triceratops is 
> referred to
> > as the cattle of the Cretaceous (which makes hadrosaurs  what?).

T. Mike Keesey wrote:

> Antelope?

Hadrosaurs were the Bunnies of the Cretaceous.  Gigantic cute bunnies 
(If this show ever makes it onto the Discovery Channel, then we'd better
dumb it down, jack up the cuteness, and sex it up).

Brittany Spears voice-over:
"Pterosaurs were the Storks of the Cretaceous.  Pterosaurs often carried
the Cretaceous newborns of various species into world.  Baby baskets hung
like Christmas ornaments off of the long snouts of these flyin'
dinersors.  Here we see a _Q. northropi_ coming in for a landing with a
baby _Twicertops_ bundle danglin' from its lower jaw.  OOooo,
ya'll....that was a rough landin'!

[Ms. Spears-Federline briefly pauses her narrative to take a wad of gum
out of her mouth]

"As ya'll can see, the bouncing baby _Twicertops_ is uninjured by the
crash landin', having been safely ejected from the basket as the giant
pterosaur did it's trademark cartwheel and sideways skid.  And look how
happy the expectant mother is to finally meet her baby!  _Q. northropi_
barely makes it back inta the air, just missin' bein' eaten by the
ungrateful mother .

"Speakin' as a B-list entertainer, it never ceases ta amaze me how the
life of the past parallels the life of the present.  And with these
Storks of the Cretaceous, we see the similarities with crystal clarity. 
And I'm sure that it amazes ya'll too, don't it?  In our next episode,
we'll explore the bizarre racing rituals of the ornithomimds, the Race
Horses of the Cretaceous, and their unlikely racin' jockeys, baby
ankylosaurs.  Until then, I'm Brittany Spears."