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Re: Dinosaur statistics 2005

Dominic Nardi writes:
 >      I noticed there were no Southeast Asian countries on the
 > statistics chart provided in the last e-mail. My field is in
 > environmental law in Southeast Asia. As such, I would be very
 > curious if anyone has any information on any sort of prehistoric
 > finds in that region.

There are a few dinosaurs known from that part of the world:
_Isanosaurus_, _Phuwiangosaurus_, _Siamosaurus_ and _Siamotyrannus_
from Thailand, and _Tangvayosaurus_ from Laos.  Of these,
_Isanosaurus_ Buffetaut, Suteethorn, Cuny, Tong, Le Loeuff, Khansubha
and Sutee Jongautchariyakul 2000 is a very basal sauropod from the
Late Norian; _Phuwiangosaurus_ Martin, Buffetaut and Suteethorn 1994
is an Early Cretaceous sauropod that's been placed in several groups
but now seems to be titanosaur; _Siamosaurus_ Buffetaut and Ingavat
1986 is a Late Jurassic spinosaurid; _Siamotyrannus_ Buffetaut,
Suteethorn and Tong 1996 is a possible carnosaur from the Early
Cretaceous; and _Tangvayosaurus_ Allain, Taquet, Battail, Dejax,
Richir, Veran, Limon-Duparcmeur, Vacant, Mateus, Sayarath, Khenthavong
and Phouyavong 1999 is a Titanosauria from the Aptian or Albian.

The three sauropods are all known from pretty good material, and
_Siamotyrannus_ from a partial pelvis, sacrum and proximal caudal
sequence.  _Siamosaurus_, however, was described from a single tooth,
although there are eight further referred teeth.  However, if I
remember correctly (I didn't take notes) Buffetaut's talk at SVPCA
2005 was largely about a good new theropod specimen from Thailand
which he refers to _Siamosaurus_.  I don't think that's published yet,

As you can see, a lot of the same names keep cropping up.  Eric
Buffetaut is probably the best person to contact for more information.

 > I would be particularly interest in anything from Burma (Myanmar).

I don't know of any Burmese dinosaurs.

Hope this helps.

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