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Re: Dinosaur statistics 2005

Mike Taylor wrote:

There are a few dinosaurs known from that part of the world: _Isanosaurus_, _Phuwiangosaurus_, _Siamosaurus_ and _Siamotyrannus_ from Thailand, and _Tangvayosaurus_ from Laos.

There's a few others to add to Mike's list. The earliest SE Asian dinosaur (AFAIK) is a fairly large but indeterminate prosauropod (or some kind of sauropodomorph, at least) from the Nam Phong Formation (Late Triassic) of Thailand. There's some Late Jurassic dino material, also from Thailand, in the form of sauropod teeth.

There's an unnamed (not officially, anyway) ornithomimosaur from the same assemblage (Sao Khua Formation) that yielded _Siamotyrannus_, _Siamosaurus_ and _Phuwiangosaurus_. _Psittacosaurus sattayaraki_, known from the younger Khok Kruat Formation of Thailand, is a small ceratopsian, but has been regarded as a nomen dubium by some researchers. From the same formation comes an indeterminate (so far) ornithopod, described as an "iguanodontid". An alleged hadrosaur from Laos (_Mandschurosaurus laosensis_) appears to be more basally positioned within the Iguanodontia, and comes from a locality possibly of the same age as Khok Kruat across the border (Aptian-Albian).

_Phuwiangosaurus_ Martin, Buffetaut and Suteethorn 1994
is an Early Cretaceous sauropod that's been placed in several groups
but now seems to be titanosaur; _[snip] _Tangvayosaurus_ Allain, Taquet, Battail, Dejax,
Richir, Veran, Limon-Duparcmeur, Vacant, Mateus, Sayarath, Khenthavong
and Phouyavong 1999 is a Titanosauria from the Aptian or Albian.

_Tangvayosaurus_ and _Phuwiangosaurus_ appear to be very closely related to one another.