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a theory regarding maniraptoran origins

Not being up on the latest findings about dinosaurs, I realize this may strike many of you as utterly idiotic....but I thought to share a theory:

Recently, I was forcing the evolution of some rats (that I made into gliders; long story), and realized something that, basically, it hit me how it could apply to the maniraptors.

Nowadays, many gliding species (at least of mammals) go horizontal while gliding....but when they are about to land on the next tree trunk, they arch their bodies so their hind legs hit the tree first.

With the hypothetical rats, it was a short step from such gliding, to gliding rats that developed hind-claws -- just like the maniraptors.


If you want the full story of how that theory came to be, just check out http://groups.yahoo.com/group/philosphica-dixonia/