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Re: Nomenclature: Maastrichtidelphys meurismeti

> Here's one:
> _Utahraptor ostrommaysorum_, after Ostrom and Mays.
> However, it was **originally** _U. ostrommaysi_, and emmended after George
Olshevsky (great proponent of the "-orum" suffix) pointed
> this out.
Dear Tom and list,

Here's two more. Cedarpelta bilbeyhallorum, named in honor of Sue Ann
Bilbey, and Evan Hall, the husband and wife paleontologists who discovered
it. Gargoylesaurus parkpini, named in honor of Jeff Parker, and Tyler
Pinegar, who found it when Tyler was still working with Jeff at Western
Paleontological Laboratories, way back in the day. Tyler is now owner of
    This naming a dinosaur after two people seems to be a Utah thing.

And damned proad of it Cliff