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Re: Prehistoric Park

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>Sent: Sunday, 23 July, 2006 5:50:54 AM
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>(If this show ever makes it onto the Discovery Channel, then we'd better
>dumb it down, jack up the cuteness, and sex it up).

The show will air in the US on Animal Planet as part of the Fall schedule. 
Prehistoric Park was co-funded with french and german partners, so it should 
air in those countries at some point in the near future. the french version of 
the show might be very different since they wanted to play with the footage a 
bit. It has been bought up by... lots of other countries, inlcuding portugal, 
australia, russia, loads of places. check the list for your country:


Prehistoric park was originally slated to air in  the UK in Autumn, but was 
moved forward by ITV into their summer schedule. Various people were consulted 
during the making of the programme; we used alot of literature to get 
recontructions etc accurate: my PDF library was invaluable here (thanks to all 
here who have helped). Scientists involved are generally listed in the credits 
at the end as "thanks to"s.