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Re: Pterosaur diversity (was: Re: Waimanu)

Tim Williams writes:
>>> Yes, there was some enormous titanosaurs that existed in the Late
>>> Cretaceous.  _Pelligrinisaurus_ (Campanian) was pretty big too,
>>> and let's not forget _"Antarctosaurus" giganteus_
>>> (Turonian/Coniacian, I think).  But on average, sauropods appear
>>> to have declined in body mass heading into the end of the
>>> Cretaceous.
>> *cough* _Bruhathkayosaurus_ *cough*
> Oh, so _Bruhathkayosaurus_ is a real dinosaur.  It's not a petrified
> tree trunk?  :-)

Who knows?  All I can tell you is that I have somewhere a superbrief
email from Chatterjee saying it's definitely titanosaurian.  But I've
never seen it myself (and I don't even know where it is).  For now I
suppose it goes in the Amphicoelias Fragillimus Bumper Box of Big
Apocryphal Sauropods.  We can but hope that someone one day gets
around to working on it.

> There were certainly some big (really, really big) sauropods in the
> Late Cretaceous.  (I have to say I don't know too much about
> _Bruhathkayosaurus_).

No-one does :-/

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