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RE: Pterosaur diversity (was: Re: Waimanu)

Quoting Mark Hallett <marksabercat@yahoo.com>:

Hi Nick, In regard to the root opsi/ ops, is this
where we get the derived meaning for "eye" in medicine
and in some(possibly incorrect)paleontological
nomenclature?. If I remember correctly, the amphibian
name Eryops in the past has always translated as
"drawn-out eye", when according to what you've stated
it should be "drawn-out face".  --Mark Hallett

The original meaning of the root (in Proto-Indo-European) is pretty clearly 'eye' or 'see', but in Greek it usually means 'face'. From what I know of *Eryops*, the 'face' meaning would certainly seem to make more sense.

Nick Pharris
Department of Linguistics
University of Michigan

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