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RE: T. rex as ankylosaur specialist

Good point.  However I still think hat my head/neck
bite hypothesis makes more sense...because as it bit
down on the neck/head of the Ankylosaur the TRex could
have placed one foot on top of the Ankylosaur's back,
pushing it down to immobilize it under its own weight
and allowing the TRex to get a more secure death grip,
which it could hold til the animal died...does this
makes sense to the palaeontologists out there?

On Thu,  1 Jun 2006 20:02:53 +0200,
Jerzy.Dyczkowski@unibas.ch wrote:

> Quoting bucketfoot-al@justice.com:
> > Well, I suppose TRex might have been able to 'flip'
> > small Ankylosaur, but a full-grown one would have
> > impossible to flip given the respective centres of
> > gravity and body mass
> I thought that ankylosaurids were not flipped
> completely upside down, but just
> bent enough to expose sides and legs from a killing
> bite. Armor of some
> ankylosaurids has a frill of spikes pointing sideways,
> clearly protecting lower
> body from bite from above.
> Jerzy Dyczkowski
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