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new rebbachisaurid paper

Hi everyone, 
not everything in life are snakes or sphenodontians.
Here is our last dino, discovered 7 years ago (a lot
of work!).
Those who need the pdf, let me know at my personal
address please (paleoninja@yahoo.com.ar). All the
best. Sebastian.

Gallina, P. A. & Apesteguia, S. 2005. Cathartesaura
anaerobica gen. et sp. nov., a new rebbachisaurid
(Dinosauria, Sauropoda) from the Huincul Formation
(Upper Cretaceous), Río Negro, Argentina. Revista del
Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales, n.s. 7(2):

Abstract: A new mid-sized sauropod from ?La Buitrera?,
Huincul Formation (Turonian-Coniacian), Río Negro
Province, Cathartesaura anaerobica gen. et sp. nov. is
described. It is known from an incomplete, but
skeleton that includes diagnostic postcranial elements
such as a posterior cervical, an anterior caudal, and
mid caudal vertebra, a left scapula, a left ilium and
a right femur. Cathartesaura anaerobica gen. et sp.
exhibits several autapomorphies, such as a posterior
cervical vertebra with an accessory lamina that arises
the mid length of the prezygodiapophysial lamina and
reaches the centrum, a thin, wing-like transverse
on the anterior caudal vertebrae mostly supported by a
ventral bony bar that frames a deep triangular
fossa, and each anterior caudal neural spine with the
lateral laminae composed of the spinoprezygapophyseal
lamina, the lateral spinopostzygapophyseal lamina and
the spinodiapophyseal lamina. The new taxon is related
to Rebbachisaurus and Limaysaurus because of the
presence of several synapomorphies, which support its
inclusion in a separate clade of basal Diplodocoidea,
the Rebbachisauridae. Aspects of rebbachisaurid
anatomy including musculature and pneumaticity are
briefly commented upon. A cladistic analysis is
in an attempt to partially resolve basal diplodocoid
phylogenetic relationships.

Lic. Sebastian Apesteguia
Seccion Paleontologia de Vertebrados
Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales 'B. Rivadavia'
Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

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