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RE: T. rex as ankylosaur specialist

On Thu, 1 Jun 2006 11:35:40 -0600, Ken.Carpenter wrote
> The hand claws of T rex are significantly curved compared with the foot
> claws (not as curved). Look at a picture of Sue or Stan.

I've seen tyrannosaur mounts, and the cast I've got is much too big to be 
from the forelimb (which is why I assumed it was a pedal claw).

Perhaps the Monash Science Centre got it wrong, and my "Tyrannosaur claw" is 
actually a Baryonyx thumb claw (which would be even cooler)? I've got a book 
at home with a life-size colour photo of a Baryonyx claw, and my cast matches 
it in size, shape and morphology pretty much exactly.


Dann Pigdon
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