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pronunciation of Camarasaurus

Gentle colleagues:

I seek some guidance regarding the preferred/"correct" pronunciation of _Camarasaurus_. I include some quotes lifted from online sources.

option 1) Kam-ARE-a-SORE-us (or cam-R-a-saurus, i.e., heavy emphasis on ARE)

option 2) Kam-AIRE-a-SORE-us (or kuh-MARE-uh-SAWR-us, a variant on pronunciation of the second syllable.

option 3)  KAM-ara-SORE-us (or KAM-a-ra-SAWR-us or cam`a*ra*sau"rus)

option 4)  KAM-aire-a-SORE-us

option 5) all of the above

option 6) none of the above


Note that there are two issues, the major one in my mind whether the stress is on the first versus second syllable, and the second is to what extent the A is long (you say toe-MAY-toe, I say toe-MAAH-toe).

Off-list is fine, if this is not deemed listworthy.