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Re: pronunciation of Camarasaurus

It seems to me that the "correct" (i.e., Greek) pronunciation would be
"*KA*-ma-ra-SOW-roose" (not that I know Greek that well, so CMIIW).
But I usually say "kuh-*MAR*-uh-SOR-us", myself.

Honestly, I think the idea of "correct" pronunciation is kind of
bogus, since everyone makes adjustments to fit their native phonology
(i.e., few if any people pronounce the "p" in "pterosaur" even though
that would be "correct" in Greek). I say as long as people understand
what you mean, you're fine.
Mike Keesey
The Dinosauricon: http://dino.lm.com
Parry & Carney: http://parryandcarney.com