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Old Brent Breithaupt interview

Not "old Brent".  "Old interview".

Back on July 10, 2004, Brent Breithaupt, Geology Museum, University of
Wyoming, was a guest on Public Radio's "Whatta Ya Know" talk show, with
host Michael Feldman.

Subjects discussed included: The chicken-dinosaur connection; Big Al (the
crippled adolescent Allosaurus); O.C. Marsh; Dinosaur Bone Cabin up for
sale ($300,000); Green River fossil fish; and why camels didn't live with
non-avian dinosaurs.

Listen to the interview at:


Then click on "Part C".
The actual interview is 10 minutes into the show, right after the musical

"Mr. Doody, I'll ask you one more time.  Are you now, or have you ever,
been a member of the Communist Party?  Yes or no, Mr. Doody!  You're not
so chatty when you don't have your assistant with you, are you?"--Sen.
Joseph McCarthy, trying to interrogate Howdy Doody, Senate subcommittee
hearing, 1954.