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Re: pronunciation of Camarasaurus

David Marjanovic writes:
 >> Honestly, I think the idea of "correct" pronunciation
 >> is kind of bogus
 > I agree. Ultimately, the pronunciations of Classical Latin and Classical 
 > Greek can only be reconstructed to a certain degree, or maybe we'd actually 
 > want Latin as pronounced by Linnaeus, and most names are mixtures of 2 
 > languages anyway... Despite authoritative statements to the contrary, 
 > scientific names are more meant to be written than to be pronounced.

Ye-es.  But it sure is useful if we all say it the same.  I remember
sitting listening to a talk by Andreas Christian at the SVPCA in
Leicester, wondering what this Oy-o-lophus thing was that he was
talking about ... then realising fifteen minutes into his talk that he
was saying _Euhelopus_.

So hats off to Jerry, for providing a pronunciation guide in the paper
describing _Suuwassea_.  I wish everyone would do the same.

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