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pronunciation of saurus by a spanish speaker who also knows some greek

Mike, what I think is definitively wrong is....
(silence in the tribune) "SOR-us".
I still remember the first time I've heard
Pachycephalosaurus in english (a name that I
pronounced since 6 years old) by Charles Martin in the
back part of the Bonaparte's field truck in Neuquén,
1989. We were talking until he mentioned that name.
We've just couldn't understand each other the word for
about half an hour. I think Luis Chiappe was there and
helped us, but SOR-us is still different from a greek
or a latine pronunciation. The finishing roose is OK,
but the problem is SOR, is not OK (at least as I read
english!). I would say "Sau" not very different from
"Cow". So I presume that is ok to write it


 --- "T. Michael Keesey" <keesey@gmail.com> escribió:

> It seems to me that the "correct" (i.e., Greek)
> pronunciation would be
> "*KA*-ma-ra-" (not that I know Greek that
> well, so CMIIW).
> But I usually say "kuh-*MAR*-uh-", myself.
> Honestly, I think the idea of "correct"
> pronunciation is kind of
> bogus, since everyone makes adjustments to fit their
> native phonology
> (i.e., few if any people pronounce the "p" in
> "pterosaur" even though
> that would be "correct" in Greek). I say as long as
> people understand
> what you mean, you're fine.
> -- 
> Mike Keesey
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> Parry & Carney: http://parryandcarney.com

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