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Re: Hadeicum; eon or era?

On 6/6/06, Hanneke JM Meijer <hanneke.meijer@gmail.com> wrote:
In case my previous email got truncated:
My 12 year old sister is taking paleontology classes in school (the
earlier the better!), but now she is asking questions that I have
trouble answering..... Her first one was about the Hadeicum; whether
this is an eon or era. I myself thought it was an era, but she showed
me some websites that say it is an eon, and now I am confused too. Can
somebody help me out on this one? Thanks!

I'm familiar with it as an eon, but since it's not recognized by the ICS, I suppose one should not be terribly surprised if usage is inconsistent.

It's usually called "the Hadean" in English, by the way. For some
reason that escapes me, anglophones like to refer to geological
time-chunks by adjectives.

Andreas Johansson

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