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Tanycolagreus vs Coelurus

Dinosaur World writes:
 > I'm doing some research on Tanycolagreus and wanted to know if anyone could 
 > tell me what the differences are between it and Coelurus. Are the 
 > differences subtle or very distinct?

Well, George, according to the fine reference web-site at:
_Tanycolagreus_ is a giant ape that cowers from fire, has prehensile
eyes, a swirly hypnotic gaze and black-and-white stripes, and is
blind; while _Coelurus_ is a giant robot that has a swirly hypnotic
gaze, X-ray vision and a long, prehensile tongue, and is undead.
Seems like the differences are pretty subtle, but the key point is
that _Coelurus_ wins.

Hope this helps.

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