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Re: Judith River-Hell Creek gradations?

Although there is no terrestrial transition in Montana, terrestrial units do 
exist for 'bearpaw time'. The upper Fruitland / entire Kirtland Fms of New 
Mexico are equivalent to the lower half of the bearpaw transgression. These 
gaps were recognised by Loris Russell when he named the Judithian, Edmontonian, 
and Lancian ages. Indeed, he left big gaps in stratigraphic charts. The bearpaw 
gap has been named 'the kirtlandian' by Robert Sullivan and Spencer Lucas (2003 
and more recent).

I have a big strat/biostrat chart proposed as a poster for SVP2006. there are 
any number of subtleties regarding late K strat in North America.


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That's what I suspected.  Thanks for the confirmation.


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> No, since they are separated by the Bearpaw transgression 
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> Happy 666 Day everyone,
> (Be sure to place a piece of fossil crinoid over your door frame to 
> keep
> the fundies away).
> Is anyone aware of any *surface* exposures in which the Judith 
> River
> Formation can be observed grading upward into the Hell Creek 
> Formation?
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