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RE: Tanycolagreus vs Coelurus

Tim Williams wrote-

Anyways, you can find the original description of _Tanycolagreus_ (as a pdf) at:


Carpenter, K., Miles, C., and Cloward, K. (2005). New small theropod from the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation of Wyoming. Pp. 23-48 in Carpenter, K. (ed.) The Carnivorous Dinosaurs. Indiana University Press, Bloomington.

In brief, Carpenter &c find that _Tanycolagreus_ is "most similar to _Coelurus_", but is more primitive in a number of anatomical features.

The redescription of Coelurus is also there. Both papers have skeletal reconstructions. They are fairly similar except Coelurus has longer legs and a more slender skull (based on the dentary), as well as the numerous subtle differences.

Mickey Mortimer