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Introducing Europasaurus holgeri

Latest Nature includes:

P. Martin Sander1, Octávio Mateus2, Thomas Laven3 and Nils Knötschke3. 2006. 
Bone histology indicates insular dwarfism in a new Late
Jurassic sauropod dinosaur. Nature 441, 739-741.

More than 11 individuals ranging from 1.7 to 6.2 m length. Based on cortical 
bone microstructure, the 6.2 m individuals are fully
grown. Island dwarf macronarians of the Kimmeridgian of Germany. Phylogenetic 
analysis (in supplementary data) recover it as a
macronarian closer to Titanosauriformes than to Camarasaurus. Resembles the 
love child of Camarasaurus and Brachiosaurus (which
makes sense given its phylogenetic position).

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