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Odd nomenclatural sidenote for Europasaurus

In the Europasaurus paper's acknowledgements, the authors state that,
"P.M.S. was responsible for the bone histology work presented as part of
this study. The morphology, systematics and taphonomy of the new sauropod
was studied by the remaining authors, who are to be considered the sole
authors of the name Europasaurus holgeri gen. et sp. nov."

So this implies that the name should be cited as "Europasaurus holgeri
Mateus, Laven and Knötschke 2006," rather than "Europasaurus holgeri Sander,
Mateus, Laven, and Knötschke 2006." I've never heard of such a thing before.
Is this really the sort of practice that will be followed? Should it be
followed? Or does the notation in the acknowledgements carry no weight

Just curious. . .


> P. Martin Sander1, Octávio Mateus2, Thomas Laven3 and Nils Knötschke3.
> 2006. Bone histology indicates insular dwarfism in a new Late
> Jurassic sauropod dinosaur. Nature 441, 739-741.