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RE: Odd nomenclatural sidenote for Europasaurus

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> Subject: Re: Odd nomenclatural sidenote for Europasaurus
> On 6/7/06, Andrew A. Farke <andyfarke@hotmail.com> wrote:
> > In the Europasaurus paper's acknowledgements, the authors state that,
> > "P.M.S. was responsible for the bone histology work presented as part of
> > this study. The morphology, systematics and taphonomy of the new
> sauropod
> > was studied by the remaining authors, who are to be considered the sole
> > authors of the name Europasaurus holgeri gen. et sp. nov."
> >
> > So this implies that the name should be cited as "Europasaurus holgeri
> > Mateus, Laven and Knötschke 2006," rather than "Europasaurus holgeri
> Sander,
> > Mateus, Laven, and Knötschke 2006." I've never heard of such a thing
> before.
> > Is this really the sort of practice that will be followed? Should it be
> > followed? Or does the notation in the acknowledgements carry no weight
> > whatsoever?
> I believe the proper citation would be: _Europasaurus holgeri_ Mateus,
> Laven, et Knötschke vide Sander, Mateus, Laven, et Knötschke 2006
> (Substitute "and" for "et" if you like, naturally.)
> There are a fair number of citations which use "vide" to distinguish
> the namers of the taxon from the authors of the paper, when necessary.

Ok, cool. Now that you mention it I have seen this for a few taxa. Nothing
like an obscenely long citation. . .