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Re: Europasaurus

David Marjanovic writes:
 > > I note that a dwarf sauropod is a BIG animal.
 > Doesn't look bigger than a large dwarf elephant (except for tail
 > and neck).  I think there are horses heavier than that.

Indeed -- it really is amazingly small.  Paul (1988) estimates the
length of _Brachiosaurus brancai_ HMN SII as 25m.  _Europatitan_'s
adult length of 6.2m represents 0.248 times that of HMN SII, so if we
assume that is isometrically similar then its mass is 0.248^3 = .0153
times that of HMN SII.  Using Paul's mass estimate of 31500 kg, that
yields 480 kg for _Europatitan_, which is the same as a cow.

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