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Re: last comment about pronunciation of saurus

The modern Greek pronunciation is indeed something like "SAH-vross",
but what's used in biological nomenclature is Latinized ancient Greek,
in which it's "SOW-ross".

Whatever...but just because SOME Greeks pronounce it this way NOW doesn't mean that ALL Greeks at ALL times pronounced it this way. Or has Greek (and Latin) somehow become immune to the kinds of vicariant events that lead to regional dialects, drawls, and accents that every other language has suffered? I doubt anyone here would disagree that languages undergo this exact phenomenon -- American English seems particularly awful (southern drawls, New England-ese, Minnesotan, etc.), and I know British English isn't much better (just watch "My Fair Lady" if you don't believe me); I've also heard similarly bad problems in China (unrelated to the Mandarin-Cantonese issue). In short, I seriously doubt that there is ONE way to pronounce ANYthing in Greek, Latin, or any other language. This means that deciding on an "official" pronunciation for anything is going to be a completely arbitrary decision not based on anything "real" (just as the "official" pronunciations in dictionaries are arbitrary, and certainly not set in stone because they, too, change with time: witness the evolution from "often" as "OFF-en" to "OFF-en or OFF-ten," even though everyone knows that only mutant freaks pronounce it the latter way) (CLOSE CAPTIONING FOR THE HUMOR IMPAIRED: that last statement was meant as a sarcastic joke, not as an insult).

As a wise cartoon once noted, "Language is a stupid form of communication."

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