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how pronounce themselves?

Neal, how did the dinosaurs themselves pronounce?
do you think a grrroooarrrr or just a hisssssssss?
of course besides the sauropod hoooommmmmmmm or the
gasparinisaura chreeekkk...
Depends on the phylogenetic position, isn't it?

OK, is late in Argentina right now, I'm goin'to

 --- Neal Romanek <nromanek@earthlink.net> escribió:

> I've sometimes wondered about the pronunciation
> issues, and the more  
> I wondered, the farther down the rabbit hole I
> descended. Why, if you  
> were going to pronounce "Triceratops" according to
> the (traditionally  
> accepted) original ancient Latin, it would be
> "Tree-KAIR-ah-topes",  
> which would of course be silly. But absolutely
> correct. Then again,  
> you could use the Church's Latin, which may have
> been closer to  
> scholarly Medieval and Renaissance Latin, which
> would be "Tree-CHAIR- 
> ah-topes", and then when you bring the Greek into
> it...well...forget it.
> And should Walkeri - as in Baryonyx walkeri - be
> spelled Valkeri,  
> since there really is no use of the "W" in Latin,
> only V and U?
> And what about those Chinese names?
> Yep, a fellow could go bananas.
> The most important question is how did the dinosaurs
> themselves  
> pronounce?
> On Jun 8, 2006, at 1:10 AM, David Marjanovic wrote:
> >> The words that had <au> in Latin that have come
> into Spanish,  
> >> Italian,
> >> etc., through "natural" historical processes have
> simply been  
> >> respelled
> >> to match their contemporary pronunciation (e.g.
> Spanish and Italian
> >> *oro* 'gold', from Latin *aurum*).
> >
> > Gah! Of course. I had spent the weekend in Venice
> and been to the  
> > "quarter" (i. e. "sixth") called Sestier de San
> Polo, which would  
> > be Sestiere di San Paolo in Standard Italian. I
> only thought of  
> > this one example.

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