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Re: Hanson 2006, Mortimer, Baeker response

Posted by David Peters
Just as I have tested this cladogram in every way possible, this is a challenge to others to let it get published and/or test it yourself. I'm not so much bragging about this cladogram as I am challenging any worker to knock it down with evidence so it can be changed for the better. Can you do it? I'm hoping you can. If there is a mistake here, I want to know about it.

Probably the best reason I've ever heard for publication. Forthcoming and unselfish.


Matthew Burton-Kelly
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Department of Geology and Geological Engineering
University of North Dakota
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"About thirty years ago there was much talk that geologists ought only to observe and not theorize; and I well remember someone saying that at this rate a man might as well go into a gravelpit and count the pebbles and describe the colors. How odd it is that anyone should not see that all observation must be for or against some view if it is to be of any service!"
-Charles Darwin, in an 1861 letter to Henry Fawcett.
On 12 Jun, 2006, at 6:05 AM, David Peters wrote: