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RE: No kidding around with Tinker

I took a film crew to Penn. back in 2004 to film Tinker being taken out of its jackets. We were going to do a story on him, but then put it on hold once we found that Barry James had filed bankruptcy and it was tied up in court. There are actually TWO juvenile rexs in the jackets, not just Tinker. We nicknamed the other one, Belle.

There was a lot of other incredible things found in that same quarry, including remains of an adult rex, and unidentified theropod, and lots of crock stuff. Tinker appeared to have the remains of a hadrosaur leg in its stomach. May have been his last meal.

I hope the county is able to get in there and recover what is left of Belle, as well as Tinker and the adult rex.

From what we saw, the remains of Tinker were in good shape and well taken
care of, but lord know what kind of records, if any, were kept.

This could have been an incredible discovery for Paleontology. Really shameful.


From: mkirkaldy@aol.com Reply-To: mkirkaldy@aol.com To: dinosaur@usc.edu Subject: No kidding around with Tinker Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 10:04:02 -0400

Folks will remember the elaborate website and publicity spun for Tinker the Kid Rex a few years ago. The court ruling for its finders:
Land surveys are a wonderful thing.

Note that the people who were doing the preparation and who subsequently filed for bankruptcy were involved in some other things:

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