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Re: Hanson 2006, Mortimer, Baeker response

--- David Peters <davidrpeters@earthlink.net> wrote:

> And yet, twenty years from now, after everyone accepts tiny pteros as adults, 
> your
> children will have no problem understanding this form of evolution. After all 
> it
> falls into a well known pattern: tiny cynodonts became mammals. Tiny dinosaurs
> became birds. Tiny amphibians became reptiles. Tiny archosaurs became 
> dinosaurs. It
> happens all the time.

There's this old-fashioned line of thinking again .... or very perhaps lax 
(All) dinosaurs aren't birds, though some dinosaurs are bird and all birds are 
dinosaurs. Least of
all, dinosaurs didn't 'become' birds. 
Same with the others you mentioned: archosaurs didn't become dinosaurs - 
dinosaurs are merely a
subset of archosaurs. I'm not ready to call pterosaurs & crocodiles dinosaurs 
unless they fall in
amongst Saurischia + Ornithischia.

& yes - i know that perhaps this is a very obvious response to the style of 
comment DP made.

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