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newer footprint papers out

Jean Le Loeuff, Varavudh Suteethorn and Eric Buffetaut. The Oldest Mentions of 
Fossil Vertebrate
Footprints in Thailand: A Reassessment of Bishop Pallegoix and Henri Mouhot's 
Writings. Ichnos
13(2). April-June 2006. pp 81 - 86. DOI: 10.1080/10420940600739401
Abstract: The oldest mentions of fossil footprints of ?antediluvian animals? in 
Southeast Asia are
those of Jean-Baptiste Pallegoix (1854) and Henri Mouhot (1863, 1864, 1868). It 
is established
that these mentions more likely refer to erosional figures in marine Permian 

Mohamed Boutakiout, Majid Hadri, Jaouad Nouri, Susana Caro, and Félix 
Pérez-Lorente. The
Syngenetic Structure Suite of Dinosaur Footprints in Finely Laminated 
Sandstones: Site n°1 of Bin
el Ouidane (1BO; Central Atlas, Morocco). Ichnos 13(2). April-June 2006. pp 
DOI: 10.1080/10420940600739781
Abstract: In 1BO, one of the outcrops of Bin el Ouidane sites, there are 
theropod footprints with
narrow toemarks that are small in size. The prints, even those from the same 
trackway, are formed
in two superposed levels (from an earlier and later time) of finely laminated 
sandstones separated
by some three centimeters of sediment. The upper level cannot be identified as 
the tracking
surface, given that the structures that accompany the footprints are similar to 
those of the lower
level, which are clearly undertracks. The characteristics of many of them (very 
narrow toemarks,
high divarication, very elongated marks of toe III, width of the footprints and 
very narrow
trackways) are typical of avian ichnites. In this work, such an attribution has 
been ruled out and
it is postulated that the trackmaker is a small theropod dinosaur, from the 
description and origin
of the print structures.

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