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RE: I don't think this made it onto the list: Androgynous Rex

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> So I guess this means we go back to observing that
> there appear to be a gracile and a more robust version
> of TRex, and then we flip a coin as to which is male
> and which is female?

Ummm, not even that... First of all, we have yet to get a published account 
demonstrating statistically that there ARE gracile and robust morphs. (That is, 
that there are two distinct clusters rather than a continuum). (Incidentally: 
such a study is on its way).

If so, than than the robust ones are probably female, since "Bob" (the specimen 
with the medullary bone, a tissue type associated with ovulating female 
archosaurs today) is on the robust end of things.

> (How come I have never heard this kind of speculation
> about the Triceratops, or any other dinosaur besides
> TRex anyhow?)  

Because T. rex is the center of the universe... :-) Honestly, there are other 
studies of possible sexual dimorphism in dinosaurs (pachycephalosaurs, 
ceratopsids, etc.), but they tend not to get the public attention that T. rex 
studies do.

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