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Re: Hanson 2006, Mortimer, Baeker response

No Way <alincodj2k@yahoo.com> writes:

<<<I have a number of problems with cladistics, not the
least of which is the almost entirely subjective nature
of this method.>>>

*ALL* analysis of phenomena is, on some level, subjective.  Empirical
data collection is no exception.  Are you claiming that the Gestalt
-esque methodology of Linnaean classification is any *less* subjective
than is cladistic coding?  Even quantum theory predicts that, by
measuring a phenomenon, human observers often change that phenomenon's
characteristics.  So this problem is not limited just to paleontology.

Much of how we interpret our empirical data is based on our
preconceptions, biases, and our ignorance.  Don't single out cladistics
as a whipping boy.  You should check out NOAA's computer algorithms for
weather prediction!!