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Re: Pathology?

Why don't you tell the story of "Limpy", the gout-footed T. rex?  "Limpy"
ate too much meat and didn't get enough legumes and other complex
carbohydrates in his diet.  Dr. Carpenter has a pdf of the paper on his
web page at:


Look for "My Publications" and then click on "PDFs"

(BTW: The T. rex's name really isn't "Limpy".  I just got creative.  Oh,
and its diet was probably perfectly normal).


On Wed, 21 Jun 2006 23:34:43 +0000 Dinosaur World <dinoworld@msn.com>
> Are there any examples of skeletons with some major pathology, or 
> injury to 
> the bone? (Something similar to the injuries in Stan skeleton, 
> perhaps.)
> I?m trying to find a creature that would make for an interesting 
> story. One 
> that perhaps a forensic pathologist would be able to look at the 
> bones and 
> give us his/her impression as to what happened to cause the 
> injuries.
> Are there any forensic pathologists out there who work with you 
> folks? 
> Someone who might be a little more specialized in fossils or 
> prehistoric 
> injuries?
> Thanks for any help.

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