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RE: Spider Webs Developed Once, In The Cretaceous

>Researchers led by Jessica Garb of the University of California, 
>Riverside, compared orb-web building spiders in the genuses
>and Araneoidea.

That's superfamilies, of course, not genera. Probably hundreds of
genera are involved.
Interestingly, the orb-web has been lost in a number of araneoid
lineages - the various lineages of micro-spiders (Symphytognathidae,
Anapidae, etc.) generally build less organised sheet webs, while the
bird-dung spiders (_Celaenia_ and allies in Araneidae) have lost the
web or reduced it to a single hanging line, and catch the moths they
feed on by emitting the same pheromones as released by the female
moth, then grabbing the males that come looking.


        Christopher Taylor