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Re: New Cretaceous mammals

Interestingly I got one copy of this in HTML and the other in "plain" text without line breaks. This should mean that some listmembers didn't get it at all. So I repeat the whole thing.

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<<(Link doesn't work. Go to http://app.pan.pl and click "Current Issue".)>>

Boddle. That was an old APP link to the abstract on /Daulestes nessovi/. For the working link to /Uchkudukodon/:

<<Phil Senter: Scapular orientation in theropods and [sic] basal birds, and the origin of flapping flight
Why didn't you tell us!>>

An interesting paper. Says even *Confuciusornis* was incapable of flapping flight -- and WAIR -- because it wasn't able to lift its arms above shoulder level. Now, if basal birds actually looked like gliding squirrels or parachuting geckos... ~:-|

I didn't notice. They're not furry enough to stand out. Besides, I was busy trying to learn how to spell /Uchkudukodon/. That sort of thing takes time. Uchkuduk is a city in Uzbekistan and the name comes from the Kazkh for 'three' and 'well'. And there's the world cup to keep track of.

Did I mention the Paleocene ammonites in the final edition of last year? I noticed them despite their complete lack of hair.
Marcin Machalski, 2005
Late Maastrichtian and earliest Danian scaphitid ammonites from central Europe: Taxonomy, evolution, and extinction.

Someone did, I think. The ammonite people in the museum here assure me that all talk of Danian ammonites is utter nonsense, but then, they say the same about end-Maastrichtian ammonites with the same amount of confidence... :-/

That said... sorry for the ad-hominem "argument"... should I trust someone who erects fossil subspecies!?! Machalski does that in the same paper. -- The paper that argues that the Danian moulds of scaphitid and baculitid ammonites of Stevns Klint indeed belong to Danian survivors (as opposed to being reworked, I suppose) is cited as being in press.