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Re: Mega eruption may have wiped out [Cambrian] life

Well, in the case of the end-Cretaceous exctinction, we know that two events happened at that time that each alone could have possibly caused it, so it is reasonable to think they both contributed.

It sound like K/T Dykes needs a review (honestly, I hadn't thought this obscure information - even I know it off the top of my head!), so that would be the flood basalt vocano field in India, and the meteorite in Mexico. I am confused, because the three posts I have from Mr./ Ms. Dykes, who never signed the posts and whose first name is not in his or her address, is arguing with his or herself on this.

Dora Smith
Austin, TX

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<<I'd wager that it takes more than just a single event (probably even more
than two coincidental events) to cause a mass extinction.

There's a heck of a difference between that, and concluding it was two
events what probably did it, Dann. As you point out several other
possibilities, I doubt that first sentence is exactly controversial. Doing
something as mundane as bunging in a landbridge between North and South
America, for example, could have interesting effects on sea flows. And you
don't need a weatherman to know that affects how the wind blows... (With
thanks to Bob Dylan.)

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