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Re: Mega eruption may have wiped out [Cambrian] life

<<It sound like K/T Dykes needs a review (honestly, I hadn't thought this
obscure information - even I know it off the top of my head!), so that would
be the flood basalt vocano field in India, and the meteorite in Mexico.>>

I know about them well enough for my purposes, Dora, and don't dispute
either event occurred.  As it happens, the Deccan traps are a promising
source of mammal fossils, and I happen to have a number of papers on the
area.  However, it's not clear those two events are the whole story as far
as the K-T extinction(s) are concerned.  For example, pterosaurs and
plesiosaurs don't seem to have been very numerous during the uppermost
Cretaceous.  If so, then there's as much chance of convicting OJ Simpson for
those cases (excepting perhaps for the few surviving stragglers).

In short, I happen to think it's not a good idea to disregard other possible
factors such as climate changes.
<<I am confused, because the three posts I have from Mr./ Ms. Dykes, who
never signed the posts and whose first name is not in his or her address, is
arguing with his or herself on this.>>

I was replying to a post from Dann, Dora.  Here's the whole sequence.  I
replied to you (once), Dann responded to that (once), and I then replied to
Dann (once).  I'd imaging you received all those twice; once directly and
another via the list.  I argue with myself over many things, but this wasn't
an example.