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Re: Gansus Bird-Dino Connection - Penn Press Release

Climbing hoatzin chicks aren't perching...at least while climbing. Cassowarys are reported to occasionally scale trees, and I doubt very much that they perch. If a bird is arboreal without wrapping its toes around the branch I assume that would be a non-perhcing bird. That said, I share Tim's general opinion that modern birds would have a difficult time being arboreal non-perchers.

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Michael Habib wrote:Â
However, arboreality and perching may not always correlate 1:1. [snip]
>Many modern birds that retreat to trees cannot really 'perch' in the
technical sense.Â
Sorry to revive a expired thread, but Michael's comment caught my attention. ÂHow can modern birds that retreat to trees do so without 'perching'?Â

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