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For those interested, i just got back from a press preview of the Dino-Jaws exhibition opening at the Natural History Museum in London tomorrow so thought I'd pass on a few comments.

Some very nice dinamtronic models - moving busts of T-rex, Brachiosaurs and Edmontosaurus when you first go in, then in the main hall, Iguanodon, Baryonyx, Euplocephalus, three Veolciraptors eating a dismembered Protoceratops, a Coelophysis and an Oviraptor. Thought the Baryonyx looked pretty good if a little chubby but the nice touch was the inclusion of a Lepidotes that swims away from said Barry. The Raptors were feathered (one of my non-dinosaurian colleagues said, "I didn't know they had fur.") but looked a little short in the hing leg - still, a got effort. The Oviraptor was also feathered and I thought the best model there.

This is strictly for kids - the information is spartan and generalised, but there are some nice interactive touches and I think Children will really enjoy it.

Again, my one real bone of contention and something i dispair of with the NHM is the garbage sold in the museum shop. I remember the joy I felt when I first visited the AMNH and seeing the excellent quality of merchandise available (best still has to be Monterey Bay Aquarium). The only good thing I found was a book on the Tasmanian Devil. * Sigh *