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Re: This Just In: Hadrosaurs Were Herbivores!

From the article at: http://www.billingsgazette.net/articles/2006/06/22/news/state/25-dino.txt

"... but shooting through Leonardo's chest, shrouded by a heavy layer of sandstone, took nearly half an hour."

"In addition to the images of Leonardo's gut, Bakker said, the most exciting finds have been detailed glimpses of the interior structure of the creature's beak and a look at its crop -- similar to a goose's crop, Bakker said -- where food is stored in the gullet before it is digested. Later on, they hope to capture images of Leonardo's internal organs."

How likely is it that they will detect direct evidence of organs with a high surface area/volume ratio (such as lungs, liver and intestines), since those decay rapidly? Since they x-rayed the chest, I wonder if evidence of a heart was discovered (such as found in Willo at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences http://www.dinoheart.org/index.html).


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"One of the researchers in Malta this week is Robert T. Bakker, best known for being the first paleontologist to hypothesize that dinosaurs were warm-blooded animals. "Â
Short shrift to Loris Russell, let alone John Ostrom. Of course Dr. Bakker has been among the most vociferous advocates of dinosaurian endothermy, but that doesn't equate with "first".Â
Still, Leonardo is an amazing specimen, and I hope they get more and better data out of it.
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