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Re: Dinosaur diversity analysed

--- Mike Taylor <mike@miketaylor.org.uk> wrote:

> > including an excellent presentation by Emily
> Rayfield, showing that
> the snouts of baryonychines are functionally
> equivalent to those of
> gavials rather than alligators or "classic"
> theropods.

Is this really all that surprising? I mean, it's not
as if they are morphologically similar to other
theropods or alligators, and they do look very like
gavials. You can see the similarity just looking at
the bones.


> There's a fairish chance that the proceedings (36
> papers averaging
> about four pages each) will become available as PDFs
> some time
> soonish, but in the mean time I can offer PDFs of my
> own contribution
> "Dinosaur diversity analysed by clade, age, place
> and year of
> description":
> As the URL suggests, this is the PDF of the
> uncorrected proof; but the
> _only_ change in the published version is that the
> typo "83% more
> diverse" on the first page is corrected to "66% more
> diverse", which
> you can easily fix on your printouts :-)
> Hope this is useful to someone.
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