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Re: New Bird Fossils

I think this is a (crummy) picture of one of the specimens:


OK -- this is really hilarious!  This is how Google Translator translated
this site:


I love it -- "anti-birds!"  Must be made of anti-matter, and when they come
into contact with regular birds...

Liaoning Province found a new species of bird fossils -- new birds to the
"big bird cottage" name, about 1.3 billion years ago

[release time 2006-02-23 09:00:05] [source http://newspaper.lndaily.com.cn/sdsb/200602/12644120060223.htm Liaoning Institute of Science it processing collation] [visit frequency 10]

Times Business Daily on February 23, 2006 (Xinhua Zhuzhou) with two
beautiful long tail, the birds have no teeth today, the same nose as Qingdao
Long upward folded to the small crawling animals and fish to eat : :
paleontological from Western Liaoning Shenyang Normal University Institute
was informed that the Ancient Biologists recently in Western Liaoning
Chaoyang district and a new bird fossils found. New bird found in their --
Chaoyang large cottage town named "big cottage bird," for the survival of
the Mesozoic Era early Cretaceous world, about 1.3 billion years ago. It
found that the variables add up to the early birds, the origin and evolution
of birds in the study significant.
The latest published in 2006, China's "Geological Journal" magazine reported
that English was found. According to one of the papers authors, Shenyang
Normal University Institute of Western Liaoning paleontological Lee Liboshi
briefing, "big bird cottage" about 1.3 billion years ago to live in it,
geologically known as the Mesozoic Era early Cretaceous who period. "Great
Cottage Bird" early birds are the anti-bird, the anti-bird early bird is the
most prosperous one sticks of sub-opposite sex is also very clear that my
Western Liaoning birds found in the Mesozoic Era of most types can be
classified under the categories, including China birds, birds China, the
Baltic Chek birds, before anti-bird, the bird and the original markings long
wing birds, and so on. Birds in the early Cretaceous World Anti-prosperous,
and in late Cretaceous extinction who.
According fossils, we understand that "big bird Cottage" stands 21.6 cm
(including tail), for individual small and medium. Including the head of the
sports world, small wing feather and two long tail, and part of the body
feathers are preserved. From the top view, this "big bird cottage" for male.
Li said the "big bird cottage" a clear Jitu nose Department, which for the
first time in the Mesozoic Era birds found. "Great Cottage Bird" sternum
length of the two sternum behind Tunisia, and there are different birds
known Mesozoic Era. In the "big bird cottage" of fossilized teeth also how
long the lawyer has very strong claws, and also to preserve its autonomy
back more pieces of fish and small crawling type skeleton. Can prove that it
is a medium-sized predatory birds.
Western Liaoning Institute of paleontological Dr. rule also describes the
image to reporters this "big bird cottage" death scene : several hundred
million thousand years ago along the Western Liaoning Chaoyang everywhere
with green mountains, the lake flows over, vegetation trees, and all the
spotlight. But as a series of volcanic eruptions led to the death of a large
number of biological clusters, after ash buried, and eventually formed
fossils. This "big bird Cottage" is by volcanic eruptions such incidents and
deaths. Dr. rule, said the "big bird cottage" in the excavation site is a
primitive lake Hyizochivannen previously, when this "big bird cottage" might
is in the flight of a sudden eruption of the volcano in its death into the
lake in order to preserve his body so. Around, the researchers also found
some other animal fossils, but also found that the volcanic ash deposition
Dr. rule, said "big cottage bird" found not only in the history of the only
birds with broken Jitu birds, the early birds to the diversity provided new
information, but it also found that early birds to add variables divide the
origin of birds and the evolution of research is of great significance.

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Original japanese birds : found in 2002, grew up in the Cretaceous period,
the original holder archaeopteryx, a bird representative of the early
evolution of a more ancient ancestral types. Wall is the only birds kept
reptile ancestors long tail backbone birds.

Confucius bird : the birds are not all teeth, they rely on bird beak food,
but most of the Mesozoic Era in the ancient birds still without this
structure, it is the mouth of teeth. 1995 is named after Confucius bird in
the world have dramatically earliest known birds.

Anti-bird : Mesozoic Era types and quantities of the richest, the most
widely distributed bird populations, my birds found in the Mesozoic Era of
the populations of most types can be classified.
Today birds : birds, including all existing progress of the flight
characteristics of birds collectively, they not only have lengthened the
sternum and keel high developed in other aviation-related structural
differences are very small and modern birds.

Anti-bird and this bird is not a direct ancestor of modern birds, but a
representative of the direction of evolution to modern birds trunk.

Overcoming nose Qingdao Long
Ti Lung is my nose Qingdao found most famous of the top decorated Yazuilong
fossils, but also the integrity of our first dinosaur fossils were found.
Because it is in Qingdao near the mouth of the village west ditch Laiyang
City lords found that the top-shaped head and nose decorated plates, ??.
Fossils of dinosaurs nose Qingdao Long live the era of the Cretaceous period
late strata. It stands to 6.62 metres, height 4.9 metres, ischium using a
sufficient warrant expansion had bone swelling Rise in selecting innovative
Fuze intermediate clear straight corner, behind a Gap warrants, top
decoration is in fact quite on the nose, a long one with the corner
Bangzhuang dinosaurs, like Dujiaoshou the corner from between the eyes
staring forward hand.


"Long live the era of the Cretaceous period late strata!"  "All your base
are belong to us!"

DISCLAIMER: I know that this is only the result of Google Translator's ability to translate, and nothing derogatory about the Chinese language, which I would personally love to be able to read and speak!

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