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Re: New Bird Fossils

I think this is a (crummy) picture of one of the specimens:


Yep, it says "Dapingfang bird" everywhere between the quotation marks, and the picture... um... looks like a bird.

I love it -- "anti-birds!" Must be made of anti-matter, and when they come
into contact with regular birds...

Made my day!

Liaoning Province found a new species of bird fossils -- new birds to the
"big bird cottage" name, about 1.3 billion years ago

Give or take a few zeroes, as they say.

the same nose as Qingdao Long


The latest published in 2006, China's "Geological Journal" magazine reported
that English was found.



Dr. Li?

briefing, "big bird cottage" about 1.3 billion years ago to live in it,
geologically known as the Mesozoic Era early Cretaceous who period. "Great
Cottage Bird" early birds are the anti-bird, the anti-bird early bird is the
most prosperous one sticks of sub-opposite sex is also very clear that my
Western Liaoning birds found in the Mesozoic Era of most types can be
classified under the categories, including China birds, birds China, the
Baltic Chek birds, before anti-bird, the bird and the original markings long
wing birds, and so on.

Hm. The before-anti-bird must be *Eoenantiornis*. The China bird ought to be *Shenzhouraptor*. The one with the long wings is surely *Longipteryx*. But the rest... ~:-|



Did Google interpret something as Japanese here, or what???

Original japanese birds : found in 2002, grew up in the Cretaceous period,
the original holder archaeopteryx, a bird representative of the early
evolution of a more ancient ancestral types. Wall is the only birds kept
reptile ancestors long tail backbone birds.

*Shenzhouraptor*? *Jixiangornis*? Don't ask me what's Japanese here. The usual characters for Japan don't occur in the original, but don't ask me what poetry uses to circumscribe Japan...

"Long live the era of the Cretaceous period late strata!"  "All your base
are belong to us!"

DISCLAIMER: I know that this is only the result of Google Translator's
ability to translate, and nothing derogatory about the Chinese language,
which I would personally love to be able to read and speak!

Go here http://www.hanzismatter.com for plenty of cases of the opposite. Some of these cases reach the level of funniness of "all your base are belong to us", which you can view in its entirety here http://allyourbase.planettribes.gamespy.com//story.shtml.