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RE: New Bird Fossils

Obviously, the bird/anti-bird elemental composition included a high percentage of Iridium, which explains why there is an Iridium spike around this time.....

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Allan Edels

P.S. What does "most prosperous one sticks of sub-opposite sex" mean????!!!?????@##(^%%&!!!!

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Subject: RE: New Bird Fossils
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> David Marjanovic
> > I love it -- "anti-birds!"  Must be made of anti-matter, and when they
> > come
> > into contact with regular birds...
John Merck suggests the following:

The flash of gamma rays produced by the collision between flocks of birds and anti-birds 65.5 million years ago resulted in the K/T
extinction. The fundamental asymmetry in the number of birds vs. anti-birds resulted in the presence of Neornithes but not
Enantiornithes in the Cenozoic.

> > briefing, "big bird cottage" about 1.3 billion years ago to live in it,
> > geologically known as the Mesozoic Era early Cretaceous who period. "Great
> > Cottage Bird" early birds are the anti-bird, the anti-bird early bird is
> > the
> > most prosperous one sticks of sub-opposite sex is also very clear that my
> > Western Liaoning birds found in the Mesozoic Era of most types can be
> > classified under the categories, including China birds, birds China, the
> > Baltic Chek birds, before anti-bird, the bird and the original markings
> > long
> > wing birds, and so on.
> Hm. The before-anti-bird must be *Eoenantiornis*. The China bird ought to be
> *Shenzhouraptor*.


> The one with the long wings is surely *Longipteryx*. But
> the rest... ~:-|

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