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RE: New Bird Fossils

I'm rather doubtful about the validity of the whole story, to be honest.
The general state of vertebrate fossils in New Zealand in general is
particularly fragmentary, and the chance of anything being preserved
well enough to retain integument would be somewhere between Buckley's
and none.
    I'm quite prepared to eat my words once the paper is published in a
respectable journal, but until then....


        Christopher Taylor

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I'm quite lost here. 
How is the discovery of a pterosaur relevant to the so called 'missing
link' issue between birds
and non-avian dinosaurs??
Actually, the story seems comical after reading it, but is there an
issue here, where the blatant
inaccuracy of a newspaper story miseducates the public?

--- bh480@scn.org wrote:
> February 21, 2006]            
> (New Zealand Press Association Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge)
> Wellington, Feb 21 NZPA - A Napier amateur palaeontologist 
> has found a rare fossil he believes could prove to be one 
> of the missing links between dinosaurs and birds.
> Trevor Crabtree, who has previously uncovered many 
> fossilised remains in the Napier/Wairoa region, estimates 
> his latest find -- going by the skin and feather quills -- 
> lived 130 million years ago, which dates it to the 
> Jurassic period.
> ``By the tail alone, it can be seen it is from the 
> pteredon family,'' he told Hawke's Bay Today.
> ``Pteredons were flying reptiles, but this one has the 
> wings of a bird.''
> He said the only record that he could locate of a similar 
> find linking flying reptiles and birds was a possible 
> discovery in China.
> ``The problem is that the evolutionary lines are too 
> diverse and there are too many gaps in the fossil records.
> ``The connecting links have still to be discovered.''
> Mr Crabtree's find has been scanned and an X-ray sent to 
> Auckland in an attempt to further unlock its secrets.
> Photos have also been e-mailed to palaeontologists 
> throughout the world to establish whether anything similar 
> has been found.

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