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Re: Osteological Question

(I assume 'ramus' because it
helps separate the orbit from the temporal fenestra).

"Ramus" just means "branch". Some people find that more illustrative than "process".

Do any of the following have specific names

Maybe some author once gave them some. Most names for parts of bones are far from universal. Often different people use different names, and many names are only used for one small group of animals.

1) What is the ventral process of the postorbital, which together with the postorbital ramus of the jugal forms the postorbital bar, called?

No idea. In the dinosaur literature I can't remember a name being used.

2) What is the posterior process of the postobital, the process that sutures
to the quadratojugal, called?

Occasionally "squamosal process" in dinosaurs... of course in dinosaurs it's far away from the quadratojugal...

3) Do the dorsal or ventral processes
of the quadratojugal have special names?

None that I'm aware of, but I don't know the basal theropsid literature.

I would guess that the ventral process would be called the
'subtemporal process of the quadratojugal' and together with the
subtemporal process of the jugal form the 'subtemporal bar'.

Everyone would understand these terms if you used them.

What is an 'antorbital buttress'? It sounds like it is an reinforcing
structure or expansion to the dorsal border of the orbit like you
see in _Edaphosaurus_.

This kind of term is commonly only defined for _very_ small groups.

I have uploaded a picture, _Glaucosaurus megalops_ , to help illustrate the


Ummmmmmm... where is the squamosal? Fused to the quadratojugal? Gone? Forgotten in the stippled reconstruction???